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SOLUT3.0 is in partnership with Travel Stay Solutions and will be the only viable website – research and development organizations that offers such unique features, it will very easily become the number one website for travelers with disabilities, their family, and friends.

About the Founder

Studies and Experiences

A.E. Hinton is originally from Knoxville, Tennessee and has lived in Chicago since 1984.  Through the years, he has obtained a variety of educational experiences. When first arriving in Chicago, Mr. Hinton studied at Columbia College as an Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management major.  Most recent, Mr. Hinton attended Colorado Technical Institute - majoring in Software Systems Engineering (2010-2016).
Mr. Hinton also attempted a brief career in stand up and improvisational comedy with Players Workshop of Second City in Chicago during the 1980’s where he appeared at The Funny Firm (Chicago), The Improv (Chicago), and The Icehouse (Pasadena CA.); while traveling from Chicago to Los Angeles and Pasadena.

Life-Changing Events and Contributions

In February, 1990 while standing near a parked car, Mr. Hinton was struck by a hit and run drunk driver, which left him a quadriplegic.  During recovery, Mr. Hinton attended inpatient therapy at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (now known as The Shirley Ryan Abilitylab), where he became one of their spokesmen and an advocate for injury prevention; appearing over the years in interviews on

  • CBS Sunday morning with Charles Kuralt (1991),
  • NBC’s Your Vital Signs (1990),
  • WGN-TV news regarding newly appointed traffic court judges (1996),
  • WGN-TV news Living with DUI segment (2002),
  • CLTV (1994),
  • PBS’ No Matter What (1991),
  • Volunteered in the summer of 1995 at R.I.C. as a special member of a committee spearheaded by Dr. William Kennedy Smith to bring more public awareness to the disabled community,
  • Posed in article about the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago for being voted #1 rehabilitation institute in the U.S. by U.S. News and World Report magazine (September 1990) and
  • Many other public interest segments in the city of Chicago.

Mr. Hinton traveled from Chicago to Knoxville, TN rehabbing properties in his hometown for a brief period (1996-1997).

As a creative writer, Mr. Hinton has authored two compelling novels over a decade span. In 2000 (republication in 2002), “Confessions of Lifetimes in the Fountain of Choice” was published as spiritual fiction. In 2006 (republication in 2010), a self-help book, “Getting Exactly What We Deserve: The Amorphous Essence Theory” as a motivational influence to take a closer look at our true life paths and consequences of our actions.

From 1990 to date, Hinton has received numerous awards for his contributions and participation in educating youth and the public on injury prevention; including

  • Award and lifetime membership with the Illinois Rehabilitation Association (1990),
  • Award with Mayor’s Office For People With Disabilities (MOPD) Advisory council (1993-1994),
  • Award with Circuit Court of Cook County for his public speaking in its DriveWise program for youths (2000-2002), and
  • The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago’s Think First Program (1992-2002).

Currently as a disabled,single-father, Hinton multitasks between parenting and his newly formed businesses to make travel more functional for people with disabilities.

Susan Zealy

Susan Zealy is an enthusiastic Operations Director with Travel Stay Solutions and Board Secretary for Solut3.0. Her twenty+ years of experience in the nonprofit arena helped contribute to her becoming a passionate member of the ADA Functional Team. Her career experience has included being an Executive Director of a child advocacy organization, supervising and creating programming for adults with developmental disabilities, grant writing, program development, and organization rejuvenation. Since receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in 1998, she has gained a variety of valuable skills. Most notably, she has come to specialize in creating and rejuvenating organizations and service programs.

● 1989 - 1992 Served as an Emergency Services Technician in a metro Atlanta trauma center
● 1998 working with a team of 4, Established a program of Intensive In-Home
Interventions for families with children at risk of being removed from parental care in a 12-county rural region of northern Missouri.
● 2000 Served as a Counselor for Grey House Truancy Program serving families ordered by the court to help get children back in school.
● 2000 Created a Day Rehabilitation Program for foster children failing academically and experiencing significant emotional instability.
● 2002 Published “ Looking Toward Home: A Resource Guide for Serving Homeless Children and Families ” for The Salvation Army Homeless Shelters and created training workshops to accompany the publication. This program was originally funded by the Hearst Foundation for the Appalachian area, but quickly grew to be used nationally.
● 2003 Coordinated a $40 million computer lab program through the Beaumont Foundation and created 5 grant templates chosen to be used throughout The Salvation Army services in the United States.
● 2004 Developed a Day Rehabilitation programming for a center serving Adults with Developmental Disabilities.
● 2005 - 2014 Rejuvenated a nonprofit Child Advocacy organization : clearing up old tax debt, raising revenue by 58%, increased volunteerism by 30%, and increased the organization’s capacity to serve the children in need from less than 50% to 100%.
● 2015 - 2018 Created a Development Program for The Georgia Ballet.

Susan is certified as a Grant Specialist, Life Coach, Victim’s Assistance, CASA Certification Facilitator, ARISE Life-Skills Trainer, and STARS Foster/Adopt Trainer . She has completed the Dale Carnegie Leadership training and CARF 101 . In 2012, she received an award as Leading Lady of Lumpkin County for her work as Executive Director of the region’s CASA organization.

Susan’s passion for the ADA Functional Movement is also rooted in personal experiences with family members who are affected by disabilities, and her own experience learning to live with visual impairment.

Robyn Whittaker

Robyn Whittaker is a virtual assistant and owner of RAW VA Services, specializing in design, WordPress, Wix, Shopify, and Photoshop. Robyn studied freelance digital marketing at Awol Academy, specializing in email marketing, social media marketing, as well as sales funnel creation and management. Her training then expanded to social media management and design, where she has thrived and created various designs and marketing campaigns for her current clientele.

Originally, Robyn studied for her Biology degree at Radford University and later completing her studies at St. Petersburg College, and then pursued a career in Freelance Digital Marketing with Awol Academy - The World's Most Comprehensive Internet Marketing Education & Mentorship Academy. This all helped her to hone her skills in Facebook advertising, email marketing, marketing funnels, as well as teaching herself database design.

Robyn then implemented her skills and training to form her own work from home businesses that mainly (but not exclusively) cater to new startups and small businesses in need of attracting a stronger customer base through the internet. She then combined her marketing training with her background in retail and reached out to local boutiques in her area; and in a very short span of time helped to triple sales by introducing the owners to the world of online shoppers and subscribers.

Once Robyn achieved a strong understanding of Freelance Digital Marketing, she then decided to invest in books, videos, and online information sites to learn how to create websites. She was then given the opportunity to work for a professional website designer in New York, and within a year was promoted to Junior designer, and from that gained the knowledge and skills to start creating websites for her own clientele.

Subsequently, Robyn was hired by the Tom Barrow Co. to replace their intranet site which allows all 10 Southeast branches to communicate on the latest events within the company, as well as being able to reference all important documents and company files. Robyn’s enhancements on the company’s site offered a cleaner streamlined corporate feel, and gave it a more user friendly interface. This was Robyn’s introduction into the corporate world and a shiny badge of honor for such a large accomplishment. “ Robyn redeveloped our company intranet. She took the time to understand our business and our intranet goals. She mixed creativity with technical skills to meet our goals. Robyn went well above and beyond what she promised to deliver a quality product” - David Nichols ( Tom Barrow Co. Owner ).

Robyn’s most recent achievements also include, creating a book cover & online course for a Family Chiropractic office in Pennsylvania (FamilyChiro.com), a website for an interior designer in New York (MicheleSafra.net), a website for a high end travel bag company based out of Myanmar (aatebag.com), a site for a local Handyman (myhandyman360.com), a site for a fly fishing captain (CaptainEthanKiburz.com) as well as multiple online programs for Life Coaches all over the world including Goal Success Academy.

Her inspiration is driven by the success that comes from the services she offers businesses in need of her technical assistance. Solut3.0, Travel Stay Solutions, and the ADA Functional movement is the latest group in need of these services and has already benefited from a newly designed database that will catalog the needs and input of people with disabilities. Robyn is now in charge of the social media marketing campaign for the ADA Functional movement, Solut3.0, and Travel Stay Solutions.

The “ADA Functional” slogan and logo are privately owned entities and the sole properties and possessions of “Anthony E. Hinton” and are in no way affiliated with or supported by the American’s Disability Act which is owned by the US Government.”

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