Newsletter for Travel Stay Solutions and Solut3.0

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I’d first like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support you’ve given both Solut3.0 and Travel Stay Solutions.  For both companies to be successful, it all starts with the community of people with disabilities uniting as one voice to help make a change in how our opinions are being used to meet our needs.  This is important because if we can all come together and work as a team, create jobs, and then train people with disabilities and Veterans to work these jobs – this will give the community of people with disabilities a better opportunity to be in control of our own destiny.

Right now, the community of people with disabilities really doesn’t have a true online platform where all of our needs and concerns are being addressed and improved upon.  Within both websites, many of you, if not all of you, might have noticed a newer progressive version of a wheelchair logo, called “ADA Functional®!”  This new standard will be the mark of progress and an evolution of the community of people with disabilities beginning to take matters into our own hands and being more progressive regarding change.

Our websites offer a secure login that will mask your identity with an ADA Functional® number so that data can be collected without it leading back to the individual’s personal identity.  This tool will be instrumental in helping our websites to remain separated from marketing methods commonly practiced today.  The protection of sensitive data and personal information will be one of the crucial building blocks that set our companies apart from how many websites will sell your information without concern for how it could affect individuals in the long run.  

Our companies are more concerned with your ideas and opinions on how to make the community of people with disabilities better than collecting your information and selling it to anyone willing to pay.  Please keep in mind that we will collect and sell information, but it will be in the form of blind studies focusing on the information instead of your identity.

Who We Are And What We Do:

Travel Stay Solutions®:

Travel Stay Solutions LLC is a company and website designed to assist the travel industry with making all areas of travel more functional for all people with disabilities.  Our first task is to work with the hotel industry to make rooms more accessible for people in wheelchairs. For this to be successful, people with disabilities need to be major players in the travel industry, and Travel Stay Solutions is designed to make this happen.  Our company will employ and empower people with disabilities to help illustrate and manage products and techniques that work best for each disabled condition.

Our company is working on multiple platforms that will help to explain the true needs of people with disabilities during travel, and these platforms will create employment within the community of people with disabilities and hotel chains.  By creating a strong number of users on our websites, the travel industry will see a united front that must be taken seriously. We are also looking into creating products for disabled travelers to supplement existing products, and our think tanks (or discussion boards) will allow everyone to voice their opinions and concerns.


  Solut3.0 is a not for profit 501c3 and the charitable arm of Travel Stay Solutions.   Solut3.0’s main focus is on research and development of new and existing products and designs for the community of people with disabilities.  Solut3.0 is the company that will move the needle of innovation within the community of people with disabilities. Ideas, concepts, and designs have to start somewhere, and by creating a space for these areas to grow is just the beginning of the mark we plan to make within the community of people with disabilities.  

Solut3.0 is on a fast track to help make new impressions within the community of people with disabilities by taking existing products and spaces, looking them over and asking ourselves, “does this item do what it was intended to do, and can it be done better and less expensive?”  Thinking outside the box takes a group effort, and by bringing together as many minds as possible (who all have a vested interest in the product), gives us the greatest opportunity to get it right! This is who we are and what we will do, “re-evaluate those products that fall short of functionality, and work to finally get them right!”   

ADA Functional®

The ADA Functional brand represents the new standard of how the community of people with disabilities will create and use products designed to make our lives more functional.  The logo is the symbol of the ADA Functional movement being supported by Travel Stay Solutions LLC and Solut3.0. The ADA Functional logo will continue to gain recognition and acceptance through the growing support of the community of people with disabilities, our family and friends, and businesses who truly believe in fair access, i.e. functional products and accommodations for all people with disabilities.    

A Final Call:

Whether disabled, a family member or friend of someone disabled, or United States Veteran looking to reestablish your life after service; Travel Stay Solutions, Solut3.0, and the ADA Functional movement needs your support by signing up on our websites and adding your ideas and opinions to help the community of people with disabilities become functional; not just in the physical world, but in the virtual world as well.  Used effectively, technology can help us create the level of independence that once only looked like a pipedream. So please, lets all come together and sign up on Travel Stay Solutions, Solut3.0, and become a part of the ADA Functional movement to make our independence a reality today!

From the Founder,

Anthony E Hinton